The magazine The New Times leaving retail

The magazine The New Times will no longer be sold retail — this decision was taken in order to reduce costs, reported in an open letter to chief editor Evgenia Albats readers.

“In order to reduce costs, we made the decision: the magazine will no longer do retail. After the elimination of stalls in the most crowded places, including in transitions in the subway or in the metro, distribution networks, dramatically raised prices for everything: to deliver, to pay, to sell. And we, accordingly, sustain losses that are in the current situation to afford more can not” — said in the letter.

The paper version of the magazine will temporarily continue to spread in the stalls at railway stations and airports. “At number one in 2017, which will be released January 23, we will print exactly as many copies of the paper magazine, how many of us will be subscriptions, plus a few hundred copies for kiosks at Moscow train stations”, — says Albats.

Thus, in the near future the magazine will be distributed by subscription only. Will also an electronic version of the magazine, which will be available to subscribers.

Weekly socio-political magazine The New Times in February 2017 will be 10 years old. According to TNS, the audience of the journal is 84,1 thousand readers in Moscow and 23.7 thousand readers in St. Petersburg (measured data for may-July 2016) Online portal edition works since 2006.

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