The media learned about the connection of paid services against the wishes of the owners of the phones

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Owners of mobile phones without giving consent can sign up for premium services cost from 20 to 100 rubles a day, just going to the websites of various subjects. Operators say that punish unscrupulous content providers

The subscribers of mobile operators against the wishes can subscribe to premium services by going to some sites from the browser of a smartphone, writes on Thursday the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

As follows from the material, a similar situation occurred with two employees of the newspaper, the subscribers of operators MTS and “VimpelCom”. When entering the sites from the browser of the phone, they received the sms on connecting to paid services: a subscriber “VympelCom” has signed the “Videomir 18” and customer’s MTS — on resources and In both cases, from the accounts of the subscribers were charged 20 roubles — payment for the first day of service. To unsubscribe I had to send a message.

The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said that the Agency did not notice the surge of complaints to operators for this reason. But he did not rule out that subscribers apply directly to companies whose customers they are.

“Vedomosti” noted that in the pages of MTS, “VympelCom” and Tele2 in social networks do have publications subscribers who complain that came with your phone to sites on various subjects and against the will turned out to be connected to the services cost from 20 to 100 rubles a day. The representatives of the subscribers to these complaints the answer is that opt-in is not visible to the caller when you click on a banner ad or visit the questionable websites.

Some sites make the button invisible subscriptions, explained the representative of MTS. According to him, the operator carefully monitors them and if violations are fined, and the money returns to the subscribers. The same thing was said by the representative of Tele2, adding that the operator can disable unscrupulous partners. The representative of “VimpelCom” stressed that the content provider is obliged to clearly indicate the charged nature and specific cost of service. According to him, in case of violations, delinquent penalties are applied.


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