The media learned about the hospitalization of singer Evgeniya Osina with cirrhosis of the liver

Once popular singer Evgeny Osin was in the hospital due to problems with the liver. According to media reports, the 51-year-old actor was diagnosed with cirrhosis on the background of alcohol abuse.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Ocean sought medical help a few days ago, according to Life. After a thorough examination doctors made a disappointing verdict — cirrhosis of the liver, indicates the website. Currently, according to media reports, the status of the artist is estimated as heavy.

We will remind, the peak of the popularity of Eugene Aspen came in the 90s, when he released his hit “Crying girl in the machine”, “Eighth of March”, “Tanya plus Volodya.

In recent years the singer has ceased to appear in public. Media repeatedly reported that the actor allegedly abuses alcohol, and that became the cause of divorce and the prohibition from ex-wife to see his daughter.

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