The media learned about the proposal to Fund the payment of the pensions from the budget

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The Finance Ministry has offered to pay a fixed pension from the Federal budget. This will help in the implementation of the tax maneuver 22/22, write “Vedomosti”

The Finance Ministry has proposed to Finance from the Federal budget a fixed payment to the pension. About this “Vedomosti” citing five Federal officials.

Contribution to the Pension Fund of Russia now stands at 22%, of which 16 percentage points are accounted for in future pension rights and 6 p. p. is fixed payout. In 2017, the payout is 4.8 thousand.

According to the official financial-economic bloc, the Finance Ministry’s proposal will preserve the pension rights of citizens under the tax maneuver 22/22 (increase VAT to 22% while lowering health insurance premiums from 30% to 22%). The proposed maneuver reduces the pension rights of citizens, as the reduction in the rate of falls on the pension contribution. This causes dissatisfaction among the social block of the government.

Official financial-economic bloc declared that the payment of a fixed portion of pensions at the expense of the Federal budget do not violate insurance principles, but would reduce the transfer to FIU. Because of the maneuver he may grow 1.6 times.

Payment of insurance pensions a third of the Federal budget and make up two thirds of the contributions collected. By law in the budget of the FIU in 2017, premiums will be 4.3 trillion on insurance of pensions will require to 6.4 trillion rubles., the rest of the 2.1 trillion — a budget transfer. The Ministry considers that the tax maneuver will lead to an increase in the transfer to another 1.4 trillion. However, with the adoption of the proposal of the Ministry and in case of neglect of fixed payments as part of pension transfer will be reduced to $ 1.2 trillion.

The expert, familiar with settlements, said that raising the retirement age and tightening conditions of early retirement will reduce the transfer of up to 600 billion rubles. Thus, due to the tax maneuver, the transfer will be reduced by more than threefold. The Federal official assured that the pensioners would not be affected.

Two Federal officials said that a maneuver was included in the government action plan for the 2017-2025 years, which Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev presented to President Vladimir Putin on may 19. However, the parameters of the maneuver are not yet approved. The new proposals of the Ministry of Finance will discuss at the may 29 meeting with the head of the government. Medvedev’s press Secretary Natalya Timakova declined to comment on these data.

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