The Microsoft Chairman pointed to the guilt of the CIA and the NSA into the global virus attack

According to the President of Microsoft brad Smith, the share of responsibility for global cyber virus-the extortioner WannaCry lies with the governments and intelligence services, in particular, he mentioned the CIA and the NSA. That is stolen from the NSA data about the vulnerabilities, affected users around the world, said Smith

WannaCry computer virus that has spread worldwide, should be предупреждениеv for governments around the world. This was stated by the President of Microsoft brad Smith in a statement on the website of the company.

The Microsoft Chairman noted that a considerable share of responsibility for such attacks lies with the governments that collect data about software vulnerabilities for the sake of their interests.

“We saw that the data about the vulnerabilities that was collected by the CIA were published on Wikileaks, but now the data about the vulnerabilities, stolen from the NSA affected users around the world,” said Smith. He compared the situation with weapons stolen from military arsenals. “Equivalent scenario with conventional weapons, can you imagine if the US army stole a few missiles “Tomahawk”, — said the President of the company.

Smith warned that such attacks represent an example of the connection between “the two most serious forms of cyber threats in the modern world the actions of States and criminal groups”. To prevent such threats, he urged to develop the digital equivalent of the Geneva Convention on arms control.

According to Smith, the data about vulnerabilities should not be collected by governments for use in their own interests, and be transmitted directly to the developers. “Governments around the world must take the threat as a call to revival”, — he stressed.

About a possible connection of the virus WannaCry with the NSA previously said, and the former employee of intelligence service Edward Snowden. “Despite the warnings, the NSA has created a dangerous tools to hacker attacks that could be aimed at the West. Today we see the price of it,” he said. The organization Wikileaks also reminded that previously warned of the threat from cyber-weapons that use intelligence service.

The Financial Times also reported earlier citing sources that the hackers in the organization of cyberattacks could use a diversion from the NSA. In particular, according to the newspaper, the hackers used the development of intelligence called Eternal Blue to improve the efficiency of the spread of the virus.

Hacker attacks using virus WannaCry worldwide on may 12. In Russia the virus has affected the servers of law enforcement agencies and telecommunications companies. According to the European police Agency from cyber attacks suffered 200 thousand people and organizations in 150 countries.

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