The Minister of education has set three “Cola”

The Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov was caused by the deputies of the state Duma Committee on education on serious and painful conversation. What is “imputed” to the Minister and what he said in his defense? And why the Ministry of education constantly “Troll” people, to intimidate the Russians that the reduction of budget places in universities, layoffs among scientists?


Caused “on a carpet” the Minister of education and science is blamed for many things, but the main complaints was three. And all three have Livanov (well, who would doubt?!) there were excuses and justifications.

Duma Deputy speaker Sergei Neverov demanded Livanov to stop harassing the society by the cuts in budget places in universities and scientists. The answer was that no such statement was, is, say, the provocation of the media!

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Vyacheslav Nikonov drew the Minister’s attention to the problem of teachers ‘ salaries. There are areas where salary is not reported to the regional average, as required by law, and in some places the money and does hold. From Livanov demanded to continue work on wage indexation, taking the case under his special control, and he, in turn, said that delays and inconsistencies earnings of teachers average for the region — no…

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Vladimir Burmatov “filed” Livanov situation with school textbooks. Research Burmatova, each family spends August on the FREE tutorials about 3.5 thousand rubles, and the real availability of textbooks exists only in one-third of Russian regions. The Minister of education countered that his Department has completely different statistics — that only 12 regions are provided with textbooks not fully

In General, the Minister once again — all as water off a duck… any claim is the justification is “a lie”, “slander”, “media provocation”… But what is the reason for the recent “shock therapy” in the form of threats of reduction of places in universities, which is then Ministerto itself and denied? Why all this “trolling” Russians and the subsequent excuses in the style of “misunderstood”?

– How would the Ministry of education has not denied the information about mass layoffs, I will never believe that such plans were not, just an accidental leak, or it was intentionally stuffing, — expressed his opinion Vladimir burmatov: – This, incidentally, is confirmed (wittingly or unwittingly) and President of the Academy of Sciences of the FORTS! After the Ministry of education last week denied itself, stating that “it was nothing”, the main academician said that such plans he still has been known… All this is kind of sounding public opinion at the Ministry of education do this style of work. An unpopular decision is thrown into a public space, for example, announced plans to split the exam, the exam in Russian on basic and core, as occurred with mathematics – that in essence is the destruction school of the Russian language as such… And then, when it becomes clear that society does not accept such “reform” and is furious response from experts and members, sounds Livanov favorite phrase: “have it wrong”… These “rods” of the Ministry of education throws for the first time. A year and a half ago, for example, was stuffing on the reduction of 100 thousand of budget places in universities. The public and the deputies protested, and the Ministry about these plans were abandoned. Leak it, or stuffing — this does not absolve officials of responsibility! Such statements in any way testify to their incompetence. If this were real plans — then their authors do you need to instantly kick out!

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