The Minister was the owner of the 14 domains of Innopolis

Nikolay Nikiforov

Photo: Yegor Aleev / TASS

The Minister of communications Nikolai Nikiforov owns 30 domains, including sites with the name of Russia’s first IT town Innopolis. Himself Nikiforov explained to RBC magazine, thus protects ‘ against cybersquatters

As found by the RBC magazine in April 2015 on e-mail [email protected] was was ten sites with the name innopolis in different domains:,,, and even (WhoIs service). These portals are not working at the moment. The owner of the website in all cases identified as Nikolay Nikiforov. On [email protected] also, for example, recorded the portal, which leads to the page of “Vkontakte”. One of the sites — — was first recorded in the mail Nikiforova in the domain of public authorities and then transferred to his personal e-mail “Yandex”.

Nikiforov confirmed to RBC magazine that he registered the domains. “Before switching to the civil service I had to buy them from cybersquatters. Since then it has remained a habit: if someone of my colleagues discussing a project, I often immediately register them’, and then just give them,” he said.

In 2016, the Minister recorded at nine sites with name hightech in such domains as express, exchange, press, etc. (they also don’t work). This variation with the address of the portal about information technology, the founder of which is a subsidiary of the municipality of “Innopolis”, ANO “Innopolis media”.

The innopolis IT-city, 40 km from Kazan. Now there are University, campus, industrial Park for residents of the special economic zone, residential buildings with 840 apartments, sports and medical centers. The city is home to about 2 thousand people, 800 more to go to sleep in Kazan, follows from the statistics of the municipality. According to the master plan for the development of Innopolis, by the end of 2020 it will be living 24, 5 thousand citizens, and by 2035-mu — already 155 thousand

The government of Tatarstan announced the project of Innopolis in 2010, when Nikolai Nikiforov, Chairman of the Republican Ministry of information. “Innopolis was built so that the pros could learn, to live and work in one place in Russia and not go abroad or move from your city to Moscow, then to still leave the country”, — told RBC magazine the purpose of the establishment of the city itself Nikiforov.

Construction of Innopolis started in June 2012 and the opening ceremony was held exactly three years later — in June of 2015. The total cost of the work, including the creation of engineering infrastructure, amounted to more than 21 billion rubles., estimated by RBC magazine based on the procurement website. Of these 4.7 billion RUB in 2012 came through the Ministry of communications, which at that time was headed by Nikolai Nikiforov.

In 2015, the accounting chamber conducted an audit of budget funds by the Ministry is to make 4.7 billion in a specially created JSC “Innopolis” was established a separate legal entity with exactly the same name, to the report of the chamber. The Prosecutor General’s office in 2016 checked the facts revealed by auditors, but found irregularities in the allocation of money from the Federal budget, stated in the reply to the Supervisory authority at the request of RBC.

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