The Ministry has proposed to give subsidies to the owners of offshore companies

The Ministry of industry and trade has proposed to reduce the number of companies that can apply for subsidies from the Russian budget for reimbursement of expenses for the development of production of telecommunication equipment and computing machinery. According to the draft amendments to the rules for granting subsidies, published by the Ministry of industry and trade on the portal to apply for the subsidy, can not the producers, if more than 50% of their capital owned by companies registered in offshore zones.

In the current version of the rules approved by government resolution of 17 February 2016, the only restrictions for applicants for subsidies — the presence of Russian legal entity and the absence of debts to the tax and budget.

As explained RBC representative of the Ministry of industry and trade, this project, the Ministry cites the rules of granting subsidies in accordance with the government resolution No. 887 — they regulated the distribution of subsidies for all kinds of products, not only to support the production of telecommunications equipment and electronics.

According to the state program “Development of electronic and radioelectronic industry for 2013 — 2025” the government is ready to allocate grants for integrated projects, the term of which shall not exceed 5 years at a certain cost. With the development of production of telecommunication equipment it should be no higher than 1.5 billion rubles., and the annual subsidy of not more than 300 million rubles, in the manufacture of computers — up to 2.5 billion rubles and 400 million rubles in the production of special technological equipment — up to 2 billion roubles and 300 million roubles, systems intelligent control — up to RUB 1 billion and RUB 200 million, respectively. Subsidies distributes a special Commission of the Ministry of industry and trade in the contest.

“Modern technology requires very large investments with long payback periods and large sustainable markets to ensure economic efficiency. Therefore, technological companies wishing to remain “in market”, can not do without the various forms of government support — direct and indirect,” — said the representative of the manufacturer of microelectronics “Micron” Alexey Dianov.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Association of producers of electronic equipment and devices Svetlana Apollonova, which is also included in the expert Council of the Ministry of industry and trade, the wording about the offshore companies used in the project of the Ministry of industry and trade, means that the Russian “daughter” of foreign organizations can also apply for government payments. “Initially, the subsidy mechanism was proposed to apply including in order to address the lack of Russian manufacturers of access to cheap long-term money. Of the presented document, it turns out that foreign companies that receive money from abroad due to cheap credit, can get money also from Russia,” she says.

According to her the Russian operators of communication networks are built and operated more than 90% of foreign equipment for more than 25 years. “So they began to buy domestic equipment, it is necessary to create conditions, — the expert continues. — Otherwise, for example, Cisco, which has a Russian “daughter” will benefit from the proposed mechanism, as the Russian subsidies will help to offset some of the costs that only enhance the competitiveness of foreign subsidiaries.

According to SPARK, representing Cisco in Russia, OOO “Cisco systems” is 100% owned by Cisco Systems Netherlands Holdings B. V. registered in the Netherlands. Legal entity of Huawei in Russia, OOO “Techcompany Huawei” belongs to Huawei Technologies Cooperatief U. A., was also in the Netherlands. This country is not included in the list of offshore zones the Ministry of Finance, that is, the company will be able to apply for subsidies.

Among the companies that have already received subsidies from the Ministry of industry and trade, there was not one that would be controlled by the offshore company. But at least one of those who have received subsidies under the control of a foreign entity. We are talking about iskrauraltel, ZAO, one of the legal entities manufacturer of telecommunications equipment from Yekaterinburg. In the fall of 2016, the Commission of the Ministry of industry and trade has approved that the company grant in the amount of RUB 100 million for the development and mass production of hardware and software platform of the “Internet of things” for a new generation of energy networks and 100 million rubles for the development and production of session border controller (a type of telecommunications equipment). At the same time, according to SPARK, 55.4 per cent of the company owned was in Slovenia Iskratel D. O. O.

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