The Moscow government became the largest state customer of the national soft

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The Department of information technology (DIT) of Moscow has become the largest domestic buyer of IT products by end of 2016 among Russian government agencies. The cost of domestic software rose more than 30%. The top government clients of Russian software also includes the interior Ministry, the authorities of Chechnya and the FSO

According to the report of the information technology Department (there RBC), in 2016 for the purchase of software and equipment was spent 26.6 billion rubles, 30% more than in 2015.

The main item of expenditure Dita — 5 bn — last year became the technique for Moscow schools (laptops for teachers, interactive and server equipment, an LCD panel). The second largest item of expenditure — RUB 1.3 billion — all-in-ones for doctors. Another 649 million rubles. DIT was allocated for the planned replacement of personal equipment for public authorities and for other smaller purchases.

According to the representative of Dita Elena Novikova, Moscow, the Department manages almost all procurement of IT hardware and software, buying products for themselves and other agencies. The only exception is the Department of transport, who performs these procedures on their own.

Buy domestic

From the total amount of expenses for purchase of Russian software DIT spent 503 million RUB compared to 2015 costs for domestic software increased by 30.6%.

From January 1 last year, state agencies are required to purchase software in the first place from the unified register of special programs of the Ministry of communications. The representative of the Ministry told RBC that by the end of 2016 Moscow is the biggest buyer of software developed in Russia on the amounts of purchases.

According to the source RBC, close to one of the Executive authorities, the Ministry regularly asks departments and regions of Russia data on the procurement of domestic SOFTWARE. According to the source, the top 5 contractors of the software in addition to the DIT included the Ministry of internal Affairs, structure of the Chechen Republic, Federal security service and the structure of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. The representative of the Ministry of communications did not comment on the rating provided.

Over the past two years, DIT has spent on Russian FOR a total of 900 million rubles. In particular, the Department purchased a mail client “My office” for 600 thousand officials and employees of state institutions to 40 million rubles. According to the representative of the Child, following the break-in service will be decided on its scale, the doctors and teachers.

Also in 2015 and 2016, DIT conducted the introduction of cloud accounting “1C”, the domestic anti-virus Kaspersky Internet Security on all the city’s workplaces, operating systems, Alt Linux, Rosa Linux (a Russian-language Linux distributions) for capital doctors.

Main office Kaspersky Internet Security

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Becoming the largest state customer for the Russian software, DIT intends to delegate its representatives in the expert Council of the Russian software by the Ministry of communications, said Novikov. Market participants reacted to the idea positively. According to the Director, software manufacturer “New cloud” Dmitry Komissarov, the CIO has a serious examination of the passage of the domestic software, as it puts civil servants on such products. “Practical experience and recommendations is important. For the expert Council’s work will be helpful if the Ministry of communications will approve the nomination on behalf of the Department,” said Komissarov.

However, the Executive Director of the Association “national software” Evgeny Vasilenko recalled that the Ministry of communications has elected new members of the expert Council in February of this year, and expressed doubt that he can take another member. However, the Ministry is ready to change the composition of the Council. In mid-March, the Ministry of communications has placed on the portal draft amendments to regulation No. 1236, among which was offered the new position, in which the composition of the expert Council shall be renewed annually not less than on third. Besides representatives of the Ministry of communications members of the expert Council will not be able to be there for more than two years in a row.

Health and education instead of security

Just from 2011 to 2016, DIT conducted a procurement to 148,6 billion rubles, follows from the report. Security, the Department devoted particular attention, in the five years it has invested 38.4 billion RUB of this amount, 90% went to the organization of system of video surveillance in places of a mass congestion of people, schools, etc. the Remaining 10% of other elements of the state program “Information city”: the creation of a mobile application for emergency calls “112 Moscow” (MOE), development of a monitoring system of crime and public safety in the capital (for the Department of regional security and combating corruption), the establishment of mobile workstations for crews dorozhno-patrol service (traffic police) etc.

However, over the last two years of DIT spent on the safety of the city less than, for example, education or health. They accounted for 8.7 billion and 6.7 billion respectively, while safety — 3 billion rubles. Elena Novikova connects the decline in investment in this direction that the services of surveillance, as a rule, are procured once every five years under long-term contracts. “The surge was in 2014 at the conclusion, says Novikov. In 2019, when it will expire, the existing contracts for delivery of a signal in a Single city data center will be announced new contests, and share the General security spending will rise again”.

Now video surveillance DIT is working with other operators “Komkor” (renders services under a brand “AKADO Telecom”), “Rostelecom”, “Moscow city telephone network” and “MegaFon”.

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