The new General Director of the state circus: “the Circus is, and show them nothing”

Always an important amount of thinking. If this volume is limited by a scheme “quick steal and run”, none of this head sculpt will not succeed. Swing need.

The Russian state circus company came enough powerful people who have risen as the intelligent Manager of Izhevsk circus, as the Minister of culture of Udmurtia Dmitry Ivanov.

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Now, in Ivanovo swing is. Without the posturing, without the patient ambition; and wish the main thing: do not surround yourself with Joe blow and adventurers, and will you happiness.

Don’t want to give stupid advice, but itching to overclock the entire Cannon (office of the state circus in Moscow). Of course, everybody will rush to get Ivanov deputies. There are all these deputies that as a red flag, “from Ilyich to Ilyich without a heart attack and stroke,” the chase! All who could speak, said, who did not say will not say. The unique all you need a man with — alle-op! — new thinking, slightly outstripping the time.

To patch up, to suffer, to fight the system, do not sleep for 24 hours in the service is the wrong approach. It is necessary to set things up so that all course work. To each was master in his place. To the vulgarity of the genre were eliminated as a class. To be beneath one’s dignity to go to the arena in a crappy costumes, play unfunny jokes, to produce the same type of stunts…

Ivanov, of course, is now being torn apart — it is necessary to hand over the case there, make here found him literally in the airport before departure from Moscow:

— So, what are the first steps?

— What is clear: need to build your team of professionals without a team anywhere. Such people, thank God, I have. In all areas — economists, financiers, specialists in the tour, builders and so on. I come with a good, coherent team, which I hope will not disappoint the hopes of the artists of the company…

— I believe that means the circus will be more than — budget, off-budget…

— It is necessary to hope always, but to understand the lack of necessary funds, you just have to spend Analytics. I, for example, while some positions are unclear, but I just get down to business… the issue of financial monitoring is primary.

As the question of creating new programs?

— Well, you, is generally the most important. And then what happened? Circuses restaurerede, and show them not to nothing but programs is not enough. There are only about a maximum of 5-6 successful, and should be much more. Will be involved and to get to the top Directors, costume designers, choreographers, and performance business professionals. Programs should be multi-style, multi-genre; I’ve made certain marks, which needs to perform certain work. Self-control — a thing far more rigid than the control of public.

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