The operator Wi-Fi in the metro will be connected to the Internet restaurants

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“Maximalism” has agreed to provide services free Wi-Fi in restaurants in the Novikov Group. The operator will be able to earn advertising and group is to identify Wi-Fi users, as required by law

The operator of “Maximalism” and the Novikov Group signed a strategic agreement under which the group restaurants will be free Wi-Fi Internet, said the representative of “Maximalism” Ilya Grabowski. From 17 November it will be available in 27 restaurants, and by the end of the year in all 48 institutions Novikov Group. Representative of the latter confirmed this information.

“Maximalism” in the beginning of 2013 to develop a network of Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro in 2015 — a few terminals of Sheremetyevo airport, and later in the terminals and trains “Aeroexpress”. In addition, it provides Wi-Fi in trains of the Central suburban passenger company and with the company NetByNet — in land city passenger transport — buses, trolley buses and trams. In mid-October, the company also won a tender for the organization of free Wi-Fi in the subway of St. Petersburg.

The project, Novikov Group — first in the segment HoReCa (hospitality industry: catering and hospitality management), Grabowski said, but the company expects to increase its presence in it. As the transport service for users will be free to connect to Wi-Fi visitors of the restaurants will have to authenticate and view the ads. Those who have already passed the identification in networks, “Maximalism”, the re is not required.

“The proprietor can refuse the use of advertising models, but it is less profitable, we will share with them a portion of advertising revenues,” said Grabowski, did not elaborate on what percentage it is. The representative of “Maximalism” said their solution has been deployed on an existing Wi-Fi network from the other partner in the Novikov Group. The agreement implies that the service will be provided via the advertising model. Advertising sales in the network will own sales house “Maximalism”.

Grabowski sees no problem in that to connect to the Wi-Fi in restaurants will need to view the ads. “Still in many places Wi-Fi is either not at all or access to it was carried out without user authentication. We have developed a package solution and are currently negotiating with a number of the largest restaurant holding companies and the network of institutions”, — said the representative of “Maximalism”.

According to government regulation, owners of establishments with open Wi-Fi networks should have mandatory identification of users with Aug 2014. For this you can use the document certifying the identity of a user account on the website services, or to authorize via SMS. Roskomnadzor at the end of September reported that it checked more than 18 thousand Wi-Fi hotspots in public places and found that 5.5 thousand cases, the user identification was absent. The Ministry of communications is developing a project in which entrepreneurs will be fined for violation of provisions in the amount from 5 thousand to 100 thousand rubles, and legal entities — from 100 thousand to 300 thousand rubles depending on whether it was first or second violation. The document is not yet adopted.

According to Grabowski, the company enters a new segment in 2017 should ensure that the company’s revenue growth from mobile display ads more than 10% (the current figure is not disclosed). According to preliminary estimates “TMT Consulting” at the end of 2016 “Maximalism” will occupy 32% of the market of public Wi-Fi in Russia and 63% in Moscow.

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