The popularity of eSports rise in the sales of gaming notebooks in Russia

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In 2016 the market size of gaming laptops in Russia grew by 17% — to 8 billion rubles Main reason for the growing popularity of eSports. At the end of last year, Russia has become the largest European market in terms of revenue from fans of computer games

In 2016, the sales of notebooks grew by 17% — to 8 billion rubles, told RBC representative of one company-manufacturer of portable computers, citing data from research firm GfK. The data about sharp growth of this category over the past year, RBC was confirmed by the representative of the company Acer. According to him, data from GfK indicate that in 2016 the share of gaming devices had 5.7% of the total number of sold in Russia of laptops versus 3.9% in 2015. The greatest growth was in the category of devices in the segment from 60 thousand.

GfK declined to comment on disclosed sales data.

Thus last year sales of all laptops has declined. So, according to the company “M. Video”, in 2016, they were sold to 79 billion rubles, which is 3% less than in 2015, told RBC head of the Department of public relations of the company Valery Andreeva. In quantitative terms, the market decreased by 15% to 2.5 million devices. A similar trend to the increase in sales of gaming notebooks in the background of a General decline in sales of portable computers — was confirmed by the representative of the company “Eldorado”. Evaluation GfK, sales of laptops and tablets (separate data analysts do not provide) only under the Windows operating system fell 11% compared to 2015 year to 3,146 million.

One of the drivers of the growing popularity of gaming laptops the CEO of Acer in Russia Dmitry Kravchenko called eSports. According to PayPal and SuperData, by the end of 2016 the Russian market of e-sports has become the largest among European (in second place is France) and reached the level of $35 million, the global market amounted to $892 million and 214 million active players. According to analysts, in the near future the Russian market will grow by 10-12% per year. The total European market of eSports in 2017 will be $343 million, “the Passion of competition in video games in the past year in our country has reached a new level year old final of the Continental League League of Legends collected 12 thousand spectators, and the prize money of two tournaments Epicenter Dota 2 and CS: GO, held in Moscow, amounted to $1 million,” recalled Kravchenko.

In the past year, eSports in Russia was officially recognized as a sport. This recognition will now allow to hold official competitions, to assign to the sporting level on the basis of sports and develop programmes for the training of judges and coaches.

Enter the game: how to capitalize on eSports

The representative of the company-game developer and organizer of eSports events Riot Games Gevorg Hakobyan noted that the audience of such tournaments is growing very quickly and “gaming notebook manufacturers are advertising their products fall exactly in your audience”. “Among fans of video games, many of those who likes to buy gadgets,” added Hakobyan.

As explained by the representative of Acer — in the beginning the autumn of 2016 in Russia there was a mobile graphics cards of the new generation from the American NVIDIA Corporation. “For the first time laptops became affordable power gaming desktop solutions, and of every class, this spurred users to look at the laptop as a complete replacement for the home computer game”, — said the representative of NVIDIA in Russia Irina Shekhovtsova. In the fourth quarter of 2016, after a new generation of graphics cards, the global supply of mobile graphics chips NVIDIA increased by 13.8%. Total market share of NVIDIA rose from 16% to 17.5%.

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