The rocket with the Cygnus spacecraft and cargo to the ISS was launched from Cape Canaveral

The carrier rocket Atlas V (“Atlas-5”) with a cargo ship Cygnus (“Cygnus”) was launched to the International space station (ISS) at 15:11 UTC (Greenwich mean time) and 11:11 local time. This was reported in the online broadcast, which was conducted on the NASA website.

After docking with the orbital complex the spacecraft will be in orbit for about three months.

Video: NASAKennedy

Cygnus will take on Board your junk and waste from the station for disposal.

Cygnus carries a weight of about 3.5 tons (food, equipment for scientific experiments, equipment for the EVAs, etc.). This should provide 250 experiments during the work of the 51st and 52nd missions to the ISS.

That launch Cygnus on Atlas V rocket to the ISS is postponed indefinitely, it was reported on March 23. This happened due to the fact that the experts found a problem in the hydraulic line of the accelerator. On the launch date promised to announce after Troubleshooting.

On this day, a year earlier, the Atlas V rocket was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, moving into orbit Cygnus with more than 3.5 tons of cargo to the ISS. This was reported by NASA.

Cargo ship Cygnus is owned by the company Orbital ATK. The truck went to the ISS to resupply mission. Due to the particular construction of the ship the goods are not returned to Earth. After undocking from the ISS cargo vehicle is destroyed when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere.

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