The Russian Studio has promised to start “analog HBO”

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The company Yellow, Black and White plans to launch Russia’s first Studio, which will remove the original content to premiere on own online platform. Meanwhile, major online cinemas have thought about their production

HBO to Russian

The production company Yellow, Black and White (released TV series “Kitchen”, “Daddy’s girls”, “How I became Russian”, etc.) in the fall of 2017 will launch an online platform Start to premiere original series and films that it will produce, together with other studios and TV channels. About it RBC said the General producer of Yellow, Black and White Edward Iloyan.

Model of most online cinemas, which is the aggregation of the largest possible number of TV shows and movies, “has no prospects from the point of view of the business and further development”, says CEO of Studio Start Yegor Yakovlev. He refers to the experience of the largest player in the global market is Netflix, which has significantly reduced the volume of its library in favor of its own content production. According to estimates of the international analytical company Exstreamist, the number of movies and TV shows on Netflix from 2012 to 2016 has decreased almost twice, up to 5 thousand

Project Start, which the creators call the Russian equivalent of HBO, will be focused on Russian-speaking audience around the world with above-average income (target regions — USA, Canada, Germany, Israel and CIS) and earn relies primarily on paid subscription. In addition, further provides for the sale of terrestrial rights to the content. In addition to their website service Start will be available on platforms like Smart TV, iOS, Android, said a representative of the Yellow, Black and White.

“In the next few years we are ready to develop the project independently. In our model, the return will come no sooner than in three to five years,” says Ilona. According to him, for two years, the company has invested in the project about 400 million rubles of its own funds. They went on to develop most of the online platform and the creation of original content. To date, finished three series, eight are in the manufacturing stage, 50 more in the earlier stages, lists Iloan.

To participate in the production Studio trying to attract other production companies, as well as Russian media holdings. The fact of negotiations have confirmed RBC General producer of TV channel TV-3 (enters in “Gazprom-Media”) Evgeny Nikishov and Director of digital products “STS Media” Dmitry Karmanov.

Edward Iloyan

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Step to exclusives

“The launch of such a project is a good step for the development of the market, because all the production of TV series in the country today is happening on the B2B system: a production company is making for essential TV channels. But Netflix and Amazon are producing the series under the scheme B2 °C — business for customers that are directly to pay-per-view”, — says the producer of film and television Igor Mishin. However, he notes that the idea of the project is unoriginal. In a similar direction “already think” the existing market leaders of online cinemas.

Exclusives have always been interesting to the market, confirms CEO Megogo in Russia Viktor Chekanov, so in the near future there will be more examples of cooperation of online cinema and television to create joint content with the premiere show on the Internet.

The CEO of Amedia TV (develops online cinema Amediateka) Denis Gorshkov confirmed RBC that at the present time the company is working on its own content. Experience in creating original content and have online cinema — however, the premiere took place not on his site, and in a wide theatrical distribution, told RBC representative of the service.

Another risk factor, according to Igor Mishina, is common in Internet piracy. Finally, the success of the project, its creators have to produce a lot of high-quality product, said the producer.

The creators of the online platform Start note that in addition to its own content on the online platform will also be presented with the Golden collection “Mosfilm” and “Lenfilm”.

Amid the global giants of investing, announced Yellow, Black and White in the project are rather modest. For comparison, the production of only one series top TV shows of HBO like “Game of thrones” and “World Wild West” up to $10 million, that is greater than the total amount of funds invested at the moment in the Russian online platform.

According to a source RBC in the media market, the project Start was interested in billionaire Alexander Mamut, but the negotiations proved fruitless. The representatives of the Yellow, Black and White did not comment on this information. To online comment from a representative of the businessman has failed.

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