The structure of “Rostelecom” has launched a satellite communication under the brand SenSat

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The Company “”, “daughter” of the state operator “Rostelecom” starts to provide individuals satellite Internet access under the brand SenSat. She had previously provided this service only to corporate clients and government agencies

The Company “” (100% belong “to Rostelecom”) launches a new brand SenSat, under which will provide services of high-speed satellite Internet access for individuals and small businesses, says RBC received the message of the company. The company already provides this service to corporate clients.

To connect to an individual must acquire a set of equipment for receiving satellite signals (from 29.99 thousand rubles) or to rent (750 RUB per month). The cost of Internet access will be from 670 RUB per month. Included in this amount is 2.2 GB of traffic.

The company uses the resource of spacecraft “Express-AM5, Express-AM6, Express-АМУ1”. According to information on the website SenSat, the coverage area is the entire Russian territory, except for the Magadan region, Chukotka Autonomous district, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), part of Krasnoyarsk territory and part of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.

Satellites not only for government agencies

The evaluation Director of the company “TMT Consulting” Konstantin Ankilova, in 2016 the market volume of satellite communications in Russia exceeded RUB 14 bn, of which 97% were in the corporate sector and the public sector. “The market for private users began to develop, including the launch of satellites operating in new frequency range,” said Ankilov. According to him, Russia now has more than 30 satellite operators. Services to individuals have several companies, the largest of which is “RuSat”, AltegroSky, “evrokom” and “design spark”.

The Representative Of “” Alexey Pentegov RBC did not disclose the amount of investment in the project, but explained that they were developed from the lease of additional capacity on the satellites, the costs of creating technical solutions, information systems, procurement and marketing Analytics. Did not disclose company and plans in terms of subscriber base in a new segment for itself. The interlocutor of RBC indicates “a significant capacity of mass market satellite Internet”, which the company considers “as points of growth for business.”

The current low demand for satellite communications of Pentegov explains the low awareness of users about the service. “Satellite Internet is still perceived as slow and expensive. But with the opening of a new frequency range and the beginning of commercial operation of services of Internet access it is possible to claim the opposite,” insists Pentagon.

The speed of access to the network SenSat is, according to him, up to 45 Mbps.

At the same time, “” is not going to compete with companies providing Internet access over fiber-optic networks. “SenSat starts where stable services alternative Telecom operators. Our service will be the most relevant primarily in areas with poorly developed telecommunications infrastructure, and there is still enough” — said Alexey Pentegov.

According to the “TMT Consulting”, the penetration rate of broadband Internet access in Russia at the end of 2016 amounted to 56%. According to the calculations of Constantine Ankilov, Russia is now about 7 million of cottages and country houses with the possibility of a seasonal residence — their owners and can be potential consumers of satellite communications. “But about half of them have or will receive soon the ability to connect to wired Internet, — says the expert. The remaining users do not always have the financial need and the ability to connect satellite the Internet and will be satisfied with the services of mobile operators.”

When you stated “” the prices of the equipment, the company may rely on “tens of thousands of subscribers” and only subject to very active marketing support, adds Ankilov.

“Rostelecom” does not come in new segments, given that corporate and government agencies revenues from communication services have practically ceased to grow”, — said Sergey Pekhterev, head of Department on work with physical persons AltegroSky. Significant additional investment in the new project from “” will not require, he said. The bulk of the costs will have to purchase sets of equipment for receiving satellite signal, which the operator then sell or rent subscribers.

“Rostelecom” is the largest player on the Russian market of broadband access to the Internet among individuals. By the end of 2016, the company took a 37% market share both by number of subscribers and revenue. Revenues from traditional Rostelecom fixed telephony are declining, and the company compensates for this with growth of digital and content services, which include broadband Internet access, television, additional cloud services, etc.

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