The UN has predicted a significant growth of salaries of Russians in 2017

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In 2017, the salary of Russians may increase by 2-3%, according to the International labour organization (ILO). While next year’s growth may be even greater

In 2017, the Russian workers will increase wages by 2-3%. In an interview with “Kommersant” said the chief specialist on issues of wages the International labour organization (ILO) in Geneva, Patrick Belzer.

“This year, wages have a tendency to significant growth, maybe 2-3%, and with the prospect of higher growth next year,” said Belzer, adding that statistics in relation to wages in Russia should be taken with caution, as information about paid media is not always served in full.

Belzer also said that Russia patch was always a corrective factor of structural features of the economy and was not determined by status of employment, and the changing situation in the economy. So, according to him, during the first decade of the transition period, real wages fell by more than half, and since 2000 have doubled.

With regard to the system of social protection of workers, the situation in Russia is relatively prosperous, including from the point of view of the advancement of women. But still, said Belzer, the difference in wages of men and women in Russia is slightly higher, despite the high level of education among women. “If in Russia it is 27%, while in most European countries, about 20%,” — said the representative of the ILO.

The international labour organization (ILO) is a specialized Agency of the United Nations and deals with issues of regulation of labor relations. Participants are 186 ILO member States of the UN, including Russia.

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