The US government presented a budget with the largest ever reduction of expenses

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The US administration has published a draft Federal budget for the 2018 fiscal year and proposals for the long term. The document provides historic spending cuts in the first place takes the basic electorate trump

Of management and budget published a draft of the U.S. budget for the next fiscal year — the first such document the administration of President Donald trump. The key idea was to reduce the role of government in American society through the reduction of socially-oriented programs. A total of 62-page document provides the cutting government spending at $3.6 trillion in the next ten years. These measures will hurt many supporters of trump from among farmers and workers with incomes below the subsistence minimum, which ensured him victory in the presidential election, say American observers.

The planned sequester — the largest ever proposed by the American President. The project envisages the reduction in funding of such social programs as food cards for the poor, incentives for University graduates, subsidies to farmers, medical care for people with limited income Medicaid.

That’s why a budget plan, trump’s few supporters in Congress, even among Republicans representing districts that supported him in the election, said Bloomberg.

“This is the first budget of the taxpayers,” he described the document Budget Director USA Mick of Malvani (quoted by Bloomberg), keeping in mind that the project protects primarily the interests of the paying citizens. “We no longer measure compassion by the number of [social] programs or people that use them — he described the essence of the project budget. — We will measure compassion and success by the number of people we help out of these programs and to regain control over their own lives”.

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The world of trump: the key promises of the elected President of the USA

A week later, on January 20, will be held the inauguration of US President Donald trump. He has already promised to cancel up to 70% of laws passed under Obama, including health care reform.

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The main achievement of the plan trump should be the elimination of the budget deficit, which over the past ten fiscal years has averaged $790 billion per year. To balance the Federal budget, the administration wants for 10 years. But achieving this goal depends on tax reform, the detailed parameters of which the administration has not yet revealed.

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