Top-Manager of “Renova” will protect the lawyer in the Yukos case

Ex-lawyer for Yukos co-owner Platon Lebedev Konstantin Rivkin

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CEO of the holding “T plus” (“daughter” of “Renova”) Boris wainzinher, accused of bribery, will protect the lawyer Konstantin Rivkin representing interests of former head of “Menatep” Platon Lebedev and the former Minister of defense Anatoly Serdyukov

Lawyer Konstantin Rivkin representing interests of former head of “Menatep” Platon Lebedev and the former Minister of defense Anatoly Serdyukov, will represent the interests of the General Director controlled by Renova “T plus” Boris wainzinher. About RBC told his friend.

Rivkin arrived in the Basmanny court, where today, November 1, will consider the extension of the arrest wainzinher and managing Director of “Renova Yevhen Olkhovyk, reports the correspondent of RBC from the courtroom.

The representative of “T plus” and the Rivkin has refused to comment.

Two top-managers and ex-Director of “T plus” Mikhail Slobodin accused of bribery former management in the Komi Republic head Vyacheslav Gaizer (in 2010-2015 led the Republic), who was arrested on charges of fraud in 2015. According to the investigation, for 2007-2014 are the former heads of Komi received from the defendants more than 800 million rubles of bribes for setting tariffs, best for “T plus”.

5 September in the Moscow office of “Renova” and “T plus” were searched in this case, Vainzikher and olkhovyk was arrested and transported to the Komi Republic, and Slobodin, being abroad, is arrested in absentia. In late September, the case was transferred from Komi to the Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee, and wainzinher with Olkhovyk brought back to Moscow.

A few days after the searches and arrests the owner of “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg told TASS that the detained top managers will be given a lot of support. According to him, Renova has prepared the materials “in sufficient detail to apprise the leadership of the country with the activities of “T Plus”, including in the Komi Republic. Then the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told RBC that Putin will submit these materials.

In late October, “T Plus” and the government of the Komi Republic have agreed to cooperate to ensure reliable and cost effective electricity and heat supply of consumers of the Republic. The company, in particular, secured regulatory technical condition of the equipment Vorkuta CHPP, including investments in the amount of 1.7 billion rubles to 2019. And last week in the Moscow office of “Renova” Vekselberg and the head of the Komi Sergei Gaplikov has signed a cooperation agreement between the company and Republic. The next day after that Vekselberg in an interview with RBC expressed the hope that “truth will prevail”. “I think we found a common language with the current leadership of the Republic… I hope that our investigative bodies will be done a professional job, and they will understand”, — stated the head of “Renova”.

Rivkin in 1982 graduated from the Moscow Higher police school of the USSR Ministry of internal Affairs and worked as an investigator, specializing in cases of economic crimes. After retirement on superannuation of the bodies of internal Affairs in 1996, he was admitted to the Moscow city bar Association and found the legal advice № 19.

In 2002, Rivkin moved to Moscow Collegium of advocates “Kaganer and partners”, where he works until now. “As a rule, K. E. Rivkin does business with a public outcry: he actively participated in both processes in the case of YUKOS oil company (representing the interests of former head of Menatep and former Yukos co-owner Platon Lebedev — RBC), represented the interests of ex-defense Minister [Anatoly] Serdyukov, was protecting the assets of several Russian and foreign companies,” — said in a statement on the website of the Board.

Until recently, the interests in the courts wainzinher was represented by the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Collegium of advocates “Aristarh” Vladimir Polikarpov and Andrei Trepashkin and Olkhovyk — Anatoly Lukinykh, according to the publication “the”. Trepashkin Lukins and work in the law office “Rgruppe business support”. Trepashkin and used to protect top managers, close to “Renove”, in particular, Vice-President of the SKOLKOVO Foundation Alexei Belyakova (the Foundation is headed by Vekselberg).

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