Trazhukova said Mamiashvili to the Prosecutor’s office for beating

Fighter Inna Trazhukova are unable to forget the incident during the Olympics when the head of Federation of wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili insulted her and hit her because supposedly she was not fully laid out in a lost battle.


Recall that during the Olympic wrestling competitions in Rio de Janeiro, the President of Federation of wrestling of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili acted with sharp criticism of the Russian athletes Valeria Koblova and Natalia Vorobyova. The official called the silver medalists of the Games in Rio “nobodies” because they, in his opinion, didn’t want to win “gold” and not fully laid out in the final battle.

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After the battle, Inna Trazhukova, which won the bronze medal, the athlete said Mamiashvili insults did not stop and struck her twice in the face.

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To hush up the scandal failed — Trazhukova not received a public apology from the head of the Federation during a press conference after the Olympics, stating that he would only accept his personal apology: Mamiashvili actually apologized for the conflict with Trazhukova

On the situation the fighter told the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko. “Vitaly was the only one who apologized to me personally for an act Mamiashvili” she said. According to her, Mutko has promised to investigate the situation.

After a conversation with the Minister Trazhukova wrote a letter to Mamiashvili to the Prosecutor and stated that it intends to bring the case to court.

“I want to apologize in the presence of those people, which embarrassed me,” said the athlete “Sport-Express”, noting that he can’t forget what happened. “Words can endure, but not strikes,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that Trazhukova sent an open letter to the police

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