Trump has authorized the sale of personal data of users without their knowledge

Donald Trump

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The US President Donald trump has lifted a ban on the collection and transfer providers of personal data of users without their knowledge, which was introduced under Barack Obama.

The US President Donald trump has lifted the ban, the Federal communications Commission approved by the Obama administration banning the collection of personal data of Internet service providers without the knowledge of users and their transfer to third parties, according to Reuters, citing a White house statement.

Earlier the bill was approved by the lower and upper house of Congress. The Federal Commission on communications in October 2016 adopted new rules that required Internet providers of broadband, such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and others to obtain the consent of users before using their personal data and transfer it to third parties — such as advertisers and marketing professionals.

Providers who were supposed to enforce the new rules and now to do not required, are the main beneficiaries of the decree trump, specifies Reuters. In addition, according to the Agency, the Corporation Facebook and Google under the repealed by the tramp law did not fall, and therefore it is possible to say that the law is put at a disadvantage those corporations and the largest providers of broadband Internet access.

To the personal data they have access to Internet service providers, includes information about the location of users, search queries history and the time that the user spends on a particular page on the Internet, said Reuters. All this makes it possible to obtain data on health status, financial information and information about personal preferences and family composition of the users pointed out by critics of the trump of the American Union of civil liberties (ACLU) and the US Democratic party who opposed this decision.

However, representatives of Comcast, Verizon, AT&T said the practice of companies to protect users ‘ privacy do not imply the sale of personal data of users, according to the publication Recode. For example, a representative of Verizon said the company does not sells search history and has no plans to do so in the future. In the company practice the transfer of “de-identified information” about users in need of advertisers, noted Reuters.

Senior Executive Director of communications giant AT&T’s Bob Quinn stated that the rules adopted in November 2016, and has not entered into force, and “the practice of protecting the privacy of users,” the company has not changed.In a statement posted on the company’s official website, he noted that if the location data of users are so important, Congress has the sense to introduce equal rules for all market players, regardless of whether they are service providers, search engines or shopping sites.

The head of the Federal communications Commission Ajit Pai also spoke in support of the initiative of the Republicans for the abolition introduced under Obama’s rules, stating that they were designed to “benefit the group of privileged companies and ordinary Internet users”, reported Reuters.

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