Twitter will take the data of Russians in Russia by the summer of 2018

Twitter is ready to transfer the storage data of domestic users on servers in Russia in 2018. In Russian law such a requirement appeared from September 2015, however, the representatives of Roskomnadzor said that are not ready to check Twitter until the second half of next year

Social network Twitter has confirmed its intention to transfer the data of the Russians on the Russian server. This was stated by the Board of Roskomnadzor head of Department Alexander Zharov, reports RBC.

In mid-April Roskomnadzor received a letter from the Vice President for public policy in Europe, Asia and the middle East Twitter Inc. Sinead Maxwin in which it was reported that the social network is in the process of determining what information to Russian citizens and organizations can be allocated for storage on the territory of the country, said Zharov. According to him, the company believes that it will be able to move the data in mid-2018 and to notify Roskomnadzor.

“Our goal is not to block everyone, we are ready to provide the company with the optimal time for transfer of personal data in Russia if it fulfills the rules,” — said Zharov. He said that Roskomnadzor intends to check whether Twitter takes the requirements of the law in the second half of 2018.

From 1 September 2015, entered into force amendments to the law on which personal data of Russian citizens must be stored and processed in Russia. Because of failure to do so in the fall of 2016 in Russia was blocked by the social network LinkedIn after the court satisfied the claim of Roscomnadzor. The representative of the Ministry explained that although Twitter and Facebook, as well as LinkedIn, it is not performed by the Russian legislation, the claim to the last was filed due to repeated reports of a major leak of personal data of users of this resource. In addition, unlike LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook representatives engaged in dialogue with the Roskomnadzor.

As explained by the representative of Roskomnadzor, the staff of Facebook come to Russia once a year. This year a similar meeting has not yet taken place. At the same time, Roskomnadzor has no plans to verify compliance with the requirements of the law of this social network in 2017.

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