Uber bypassed Gett in daily traffic in Russia

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In 2016 the Russian market of mobile services to taxi the substitution — Uber ousted from second place Gett, found RBC. However, the majority of Russians still order a taxi by phone and “catch” on the street

Statistics on the average number of trips per day carried out the basic services to order a taxi via mobile application, RBC gave the officer one of the existing companies in the market. According to this internal reporting, the most popular service in 2016 remained “Yandex.Taxi” — in a day after it was ordered about 500 thousand trips across Russia. Next is the Uber app — 150-170 thousand trips and Gett — 150 thousand visits.

Another source RBC in one of the services confirmed that in the fall of 2016 Uber, last came to the Russian market of mobile taxi apps, really for the first time, took second place for daily number of trips, ahead of Gett.

Market players refused to officially comment on the RBC this information. Independent estimates of the number of trips undertaken through these services, no. But given RBC data are essentially the same as statistics published by the “Yandex.Taxi”, according to which in December 2016 machine that is connected to this service, made 16.2 million trips (or about 520 thousand trips per day).

The Representative Of “Yandex.Taxi” RBC reported that in January 2017, despite the traditional festive lull, the number of trips increased in comparison with December, but the absolute figures are not named.

Application for ordering a taxi via a mobile device appeared in Russia more than five years ago. “Yandex.Taxi” began to work in October 2011, Gett — in March 2012, Uber in November 2013.

The interlocutor of RBC in one of the existing companies in the market also provided an estimate of the daily number of trips the largest services that allows you to order taxis through the app and on the phone or on the website of the company. According to him, through Rutaxi, developing the brand “Lucky”, in 2016 was carried out about 1 million trips a day. “Maxim” was 700-800 thousand trips, Fasten (develops the brands “Saturn” and TapTaxi) — 200-300 thousand trips. Rutaxi have a mobile application appeared in 2011, the “Maxim” — in 2012, Fasten in 2016. However, through what channels and how many trips booked passengers of these companies, the source of RBC did not elaborate, but noted that most of the accounts in calls to the dispatcher.

The representative of the company “Maxim” refused to give the number of trips per day, citing the fact that “the company does not disclose commercial information”. “But I can say that the app “Maxim: taxi order” on the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone total downloaded over 4 million times. Geography of operations in Russia service is the leader. Currently we are working in 157 cities, and with the other countries in 170 cities”, — said the representative of the service. The representative of the Fasten also said that the company did not disclose the average number of trips in the service, but according to his own assessment, she is in the top 4 on the Russian market.

In early 2016 the Analytical center under the government of Russia led the evaluation, which is legally operating taxi fleets in Russia generate 441 billion worth of sales, and the shadow revenue can range from 116 bn In November 2016, a marketing Agency Discovery Research Group has estimated that the total market of taxi services in Russia in 2016 339 billion rubles, which is 4.4% more than in 2015. The largest players in this market, the company called dispatch Rutaxi (occupied 11%), Maxim (9%), and Fasten (7%). Mobile aggregators in the amount accounted for 5% of the market.

Thus, as explained by the interlocutor of RBC in one of the services of a taxi, the company does not want to reveal the number of trips because on the basis of this figure it is possible to calculate the entire economy of the service, because the approximate amount of the costs and the tariff level is a known value.

Download stats mobile application provides, for example, App Annie. So, in terms of MAU (monthly active users, the number of active users per month) among the largest taxi aggregator in 2016 was “Yandex.Taxi”, followed by Uber and Gett. The absolute rate of the representative App Annie failed, but noted that compared to 2015 the company “Yandex.Taxi” MAU increased by 120%, Gett 85%, the Uber — 140%. However, the use of the application is not always converted to the trip: the user, for example, can see that the waiting time for him is inappropriate and switch to another service or to opt out of a taxi.

Photo: Andrei Makhonin / TASS

Comparing yellow mobile

According to one of the market participants, aggregators compare with traditional taxi companies, which include services “Luck” and “Maxim”, is incorrect. “Aggregators operate on a different business model, they have the technology, which are not traditional players. For taxi companies application is just a form dispatching”, — says the interlocutor of RBC.

A Board member of the Association dispatch taxi services Oksana Serebriakova noted that while most of the market is an illegal taxi. “In Moscow the share of legal services are significant, up to 80%. Across the country on legal services is not more than 30% of the market,” said Serebryakov. At the same time, in Russia as a whole in the first place bought the phone. “Mobile Internet is not everywhere well developed and not all users have smartphones, allowing you to comfortably use the applications. Another constraint — the problem with the services of geolocation and maps for mobile in several cities,” says she. Serebriakov added that the applications are installed, usually, those who often travel by taxi.

In the opinion of the representative of dispatching services, “Yandex.Taxi” limits own user base, refusing the possibility of ordering a taxi by phone. At the same time, Oksana Serebriakova predicts that Rutaxi and Maxim will start to lose their market share once the law is passed on a taxi, which will have requirements for such services (yet the text is discussed by the expert community). “Yandex.Taxi” and Gett, according to her, on the contrary, can increase the share, as these services are primarily “set rather high requirements for quality of service”.

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