UEFA changed the format of the Champions League

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In 2018 the system will change the distribution of seats in the Champions League. The Championships of England, Spain, Italy and Germany will get four places in the group stage

The top four of the championship will receive spots in the group stage of the Champions League. None of the clubs in England, Germany, Italy and Spain will go through a qualifying tournament.

Those countries now automatically receive no more than three places in the group stage and the remaining teams make their way to the Champions League through qualification. England, Germany and Spain to receive three places in the group stage automatically, another club from those countries begin their journey in the tournament with qualification. Italy puts two clubs in the main tournament and another team in qualifying.

Also in the main round will automatically get the winner of the Europa League. Now the club won the Junior Cup, begins its journey in the Champions League round of the playoffs.

The provision of the Championships of Italy, England, Spain and Germany at four locations difficult hit teams from other countries, writes Sky Sports. Including difficulties may arise and the Russian clubs that will be forced to spend more qualifying rounds.

Now Russia puts in the Champions League two teams. Champion falls in group stage automatically, while the team that became the second, starting their way from the third qualifying round and must win two of the club to get into the group stage.

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