V-Rox caught the cosmic wave

Ilya Lagutenko has transformed her native Vladivostok in the musical center of gravity, where artists flock from all over the world, surprising the audience with the exotic rock in Korean, the fancy parties at the strange instruments. At the festival V – Rox even the most inquisitive musician will hear the half of an unfamiliar group. Leader of Mumiy Troll” – as hunter pearls: sets the task not boast of top stars in the submitted lineup, and saturate it overseas musicians – findings that leave after their show pleasant aftertaste.

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Lagutenko so badly wanted to make Vladivostok the cultural platform” that in the end jumped above his head and turned it into a full art planet, where three consecutive days of music, conducts lectures and master classes, aired avant-garde, documentary and scientific films. For example, the artist presented his new film, made in Association with the American film Director Danny Drysdale, “SOS Sailor!” – about recording the self-titled album on the sailboat “Sedov” during the world tour.

For four years the event is “mutated”, each time becoming a new atmospheric laboratory for creative experiments. Last summer “ZD” got here into the hands of the Korean musical “mafia”, whose members can feel the energy of rock – n – roll, no less American and English colleagues, communicated with the “Vietnamese Queen of hip – hop” Suboi, enjoyed the tunes of the new Latvian heroes Instrumenti who have successfully harvested halls – mnogotysyachnik in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But if in 2015 the festival is mostly drowned out the guitar riffs, albeit accompanied by texts in Oriental languages, which gave them a highlight, now the vector was directed towards the crazy multi-genre experiments. Even if in Vladivostok and was at this time rock band, and they are not limited to the classic sound. Some of the headliners Burn The Ballroom (USA) mix of ballads to rock anthems, punk manifestos. Nisvanis – the first Mongolian alternative rock band that formed in 1996, as if appeared from a parallel dimension. Japanese girl trio TsuShiMaMire his eccentricity and boldness is reminiscent of Pussy Riot, although its members are far from politics and far more musically talented (their music is funk, Citibank, free jazz, ska and a whole bunch of styles). A battalion of fans from Russia acquired after the concert, the Chinese team , Residence A, which itself, in my opinion, did not expect encountered resonance.

From Taiwan came the air April Redplaying weightless electronics with delicate female vocals, from Mexico – post-punk Duo the Dresden Wolves, from the Netherlands – romantic indie rockers IX. On the last day of their sets played young Vladivostok team. To evening concerts rattled on “solar” and “lunar” scenes on the waterfront, and at night – small, intimate clubs where communication between artists and guests were more “intimate” being closer to the audience, the artists actively pumped her emotions and energy. V – Rox – 2016 was held under the motto “People. Art. Space.” Each character of the festival – its an interesting story and charisma. “ZD” chose their favorites, the most memorable not only to her but to the audience.

Under the sign of the Zodiac

In the late 1970s – early 80s, members of this Latvian group as the aliens broke into space of the Soviet music, with their cosmic themes, made the electronic revolution and won the love of a whole army of admirers, and now as if came in a time machine from the past. Several generations of people at the festival listened to them frozen. Team leader Janis Loosens said “ZD” on their guiding orientations, the sudden return of the Zodiac and “symphonic electronica”.

– Janis, you have become innovators on the Soviet stage, showing the audience what the space, electro – synth sound. How comfortable do you feel today, when electronic music had a lot of changes?

– I don’t watch them and concentrate on our work – the Zodiac group your way. We have never chased any fashion trends, but, of course, in 1980, when he released debut album “Disco Allience” with unusual content and custom design, turned the minds of the Soviet audience. In many ways, we helped the Director and producer Alexander Griva, which has allowed us to implement all our ambitious ideas.

– How have changed over the years your musical references?

– I’m an academic composer, writing Opera, and is now working on the Symphony, so I was always interesting with a wide range of music. “The bird’s Opera” and “Puppet Opera” was staged in Riga, you can hear them today. Zodiac – that’s another story. Return to the big stage a few years ago was unplanned. We were invited to the Positivus festival, which is already 10 years successfully held in the capital of Latvia, and asked him to prepare an hour set. The concert was magnificent, there was intrinsic motivation, the creative process was resumed. I updated the part, there emerged some fresh ideas. Today, the team involved and my son Yannis, he is a professional engineer and is well versed in music and computer programs. So we have a great tandem. Sometimes we argue, have disagreements, but in the end find a common language. I am very pleased to support this project, we perform at various festivals, where many new meetings, as happened here, in Vladivostok. A special city, and I don’t know when I’ll be back here.

In electronic music the styles periodically – lived, such as for example EDM. At the same time, the interest in retro sound is becoming stronger. Why?

– I am convinced that analog synth sound has always been, is and will be the Foundation of electronic music. The revolution occurred in 1970-80 – ies, and it has become a very powerful background. If it was not we, I don’t know how we played today, would have this meaning. Now musicians are much more difficult to promote his work: anyone can buy the equipment and do electronic music. In the days of our youth talked about these “Amateurs” today “enthusiasts”. Although talent can prove themselves, even if the person has no professional academic school. It is an idea. Music should not just be atmospheric, including electronic music interesting various melodic themes in which there is drama and development.

Photo: v-rox.dv.land

– Would you like to try to combine the academic with the electronic sound?

I want to do it with the Zodiac – for example to connect electronic sounds with organ, play symphonic electronics.

Shtuby: electrobalance madness

High gutta-percha the man in the red casts a spell over the theremin, computer equipment (Yuval tal), and the hot, charismatic drummer (Jonathan Alter) jump on the scene like the devil from a snuffbox, with the first sounds and rhythms, beginning to drive the crowd crazy. “W.” heard in my lifetime a lot of experimentation, but these guys from Israel with their musical madness, where mixed and trance, and funk, ethnic, rock, jazz, and performance art, and theater, all created to destroy them and create a new art space. All of their shows – one big climax, only occasionally artists give to the audience to relax a bit more smooth passages, and then blow up the dancefloor. Work on the contrast – Yuval tal is similar to asexual, but pretty alien in his red suit openings only for the eyes. Jonathan – absolutely earth character with a good “animal” energy and ability to endlessly hold hall on the emotional lift. Artists told to “ZD”, as there was such a thing as group Shtuby.

Photo: v-rox.dv.land

– It happened quite by accident, unexpectedly for us, like, all the fun in life. Our project is that there are no boundaries neither in music nor in the stage action, they need to overcome, to destroy and to destroy, only then can be a real blast, to be a powerful creative act, electrifies us and the audience.

– How it all began?

Yuval tal: I started the project alone, doing their crazy performances, experimented with sound. Six months later, the gathered group. In addition to the us with Jonathan the team is a flutist, bassist and MC.

Jonathan Alter: I came out of the rock, like including heavy music. We’ve all played in different bands and randomly gathered for a jam – sasne during one of the festivals.

– Do not dare to call you just a music group. What is happening on stage is both a concert and performance, and theatrical performance…

– We do not like to take shortcuts, and somehow to identify themselves. We can say that music is the basis of our creativity – TRANS, but it will also be only a drop in the ocean. There is a funk, rock, maybe even metal. We combine different styles together. And we have no idols in any one genre, many musicians playing completely different things, to some extent, inspire us.

– How is the experimental scene in Israel?

– Much more active than we ourselves expected. We never thought that she would grow to its present size and that will happen with such speed. We have many interesting projects, shows, festivals. We think, today the experimental stage is of interest in many different countries. Now we had a summer tour, we played in Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic and Russia. In each of these places has its own atmosphere, its own audience, but everywhere we feel a tremendous return of energy.

– You have already achieved a fairly high level. Not afraid what happens next is more difficult to surprise listeners?

– If you study our material from the beginning, you will hear that it is very diverse. We did a variety of experiments. If you once give yourself installation that there are no rules there – you will have great prospects for development. Then you can create something new, fresh, interesting, not stuck in one genre and not to dwell on any one idea. And if what you’re doing, it captures you, it will grab and listeners.

Necrofantasia Joel Sarakula

Joel Sarakula eccentric and elegant musician, resembles a fancy music stars of the past the 1960s and ‘ 70s, who so loved the flared pants, bright shirts with flowers or without romantic and rhythmic songs. This musician was born in Australia but then moved to London, where musical life richer and brighter. He plays a stylish retro – indie with bright vocal and keyboards parties, tours a lot, joking that sometimes looking for inspiration, “stealing cars in the Caribbean and performing in the remote fishing villages of Norway. In his songs, mingled avant-garde, soul and pop. Joel said “ZD”, one of the legends of the past had the most powerful influence.

Photo: v-rox.dv.land

– A lot of them. It and performers who play melodic music, and garage bands of the 60s. I never really was interested in what was happening on the stage today, did not attract teams that are trying to be original for the sake of originality, I’ve always liked artists who one way or another turn in their music to the past, because it is a bottomless well. My habits were formed in childhood when I listened to the recording my parents. As a child, I listened to Nirvana, but quickly realized that I was alien to aggressive music. I grew up in Australia, it is quite a peaceful country, it is no problem. I am sure that life is beautiful, so I’m playing bright, positive music. And I like listening to juicy, bright, balanced, good stuff. Are what play The Beach Boys, for example.

The interest in retro – sounding nostalgia?

– It’s hard to explain. Music is evolving thanks to the technological revolution. Was invented drum machines in the late 1970s. Then began to develop hip hop, techno, dance music. It was then that the revolution took place, after which no more new inventions. And the sound that was found then we call retro, it’s still soothing to the ear. Of course, later, developed the computer programs for writing music, but it was impossible “to touch”.

– How does it feel to be one of the headliners of the festival in the far East?

– Great! I love to travel and spend here some Parallels with my home country: Australia – too distant for many, an unusual place, and it is the same for, say, the British and Vladivostok for the Russian, and for the Europeans. This is a unique world where there are artists from many different countries, and this is a unique opportunity to build a new creative and social bridges.

Continuation of the review of the festival V-Rox, read Monday’s “Music Chronicles”.

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