“Vedomosti” reported on equipment testing for the “Spring law” on the MTS

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Testing is required for the “Spring law” of equipment will hold the MTS in one of the large cities, learned to “Vedomosti”. Earlier in the FSB, according to the media, said that the technical capacities for the implementation of the law exist already

The manufacturer necessary for the execution of the “law of Spring” operator systems for operational-investigative activities (SORM) “NORSI-TRANS” plans to test the equipment on one of the mobile operators. About this newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the CEO of “NORSI-TRANS” Sergey Ovchinnikov.

Ovchinnikov noted that when creating a pilot zone testing of the equipment will be used to modernize current solutions SORM with minimal cost to their finalization.

He did not name the operator, but one of the partners of the company told the newspaper that we are talking about MTS. According to close to one of the source operators, MTS is preparing a pilot area in one of the major Russian cities. “The operator decided to go on the reverse: take existing equipment and see what it’s capable of,” said the source, noting that the project is at an early stage and the hardware is likely not yet included.

The working group of the Ministry before 30 June will prepare the Bylaw, which would set the storage format of information for “law of Spring”. In particular, the group is now discussing the possibility of expanding the functions of existing lawful told the newspaper one of the participants of the working group.

According to the interlocutor of “sheets”, the requirements of the Ministry of communications include point storage is not just content posts and entries, but only their part.

Representatives of the Ministry of communications and MTS declined to comment.

Earlier the source of “Interfax” reported that the FSB opposes the phased introduction of the “law of Spring” that will not allow the operators to delay the implementation of its requirements. The FSB, in particular, declare that the equipment are ready now.

Representatives of “VimpelCom” and “MegaFon” previously reported “Vedomosti” that due to the lack of regulations under the law of Spring and the inability to test the equipment the date of enactment of the law may have to be postponed.

The FSB and the Ministry estimate the cost of Telecom operators on the implementation of the “law of Spring” 4.5 trillion rubles, which is almost three times the turnover of the entire industry in 2016. According to the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP), due to the implementation of the “Spring law” expenditures can be increased to 10 trillion rubles, which can lead to higher inflation in the country.

The communications Ministry has said it will not be able to support mobile operators and money during the implementation of the law Spring.

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