VimpelCom estimated the popularity of messaging among its subscribers

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Each subscriber of the cellular operator “VympelCom” (renders services under a brand “Beeline”) to the end of 2016, used an average of more than one messenger, the company said. The most popular among customers, WhatsApp and Viber

At the end of 2016, the average per subscriber of mobile operator VimpelCom accounted for 1.73 messenger, it follows from the results of the analysis of anonymized customer data. About RBC told the press-Secretary of “VimpelCom” Anna Aybasheva. At the end of the fourth quarter, the subscriber base of VimpelCom amounted to 58.3 million customers, therefore, only among the subscribers of this statement, the audience of the messengers may be of 100.86 million users.

The most popular among subscribers of “VimpelCom” was WhatsApp: it was used 68.7% of customers of the operator. Share Viber was 45.7%, Skype 38.3 per cent, on the Telegram — 7.5% of the subscribers. However, the average daily number of users of Telegram in December has grown faster than competing services compared with July, it increased by 60.5%, whereas WhatsApp is 39.9%, from Viber — 34.2%, and Skype — by 21.5%.

Most messengers used by the subscribers in the age of 25-35 years, the figure was 35%. Least of all messengers used by the subscribers above 64 years old (2%). While these services were used by only 4% of subscribers under the age of 18. The messengers were the owners of devices running on the Android operating system with a share of 64.8%, iOS accounted for 21,38%, in other operating systems — of 13.81%.

WhatsApp was the most popular messenger among the subscribers of “MegaFon”. By the end of 2016, the service has held 47.6 per cent among the subscribers, which are at least once a month using the instant messengers, told RBC representative of the press service of “MegaFon”. Share Viber is 39,7%, Skype is 17.9%. The total number of users of instant messengers among their subscriber base “the Megaphone” does not open. In the third quarter of 2016 (the latest data) this operator was 75.5 million subscribers in Russia. MTS has refused to provide statistics on the usage of instant messengers for its subscribers.

According to the press service WhatsApp, its audience amounts to more than 1 billion, and in Russia — more than 30 million people. At least once a month WhatsApp used the 10.2 million people, to the report of the research company Mediascope (TNS Russia) in January 2017. Viber, the figure is 8 million users.

The growing popularity of instant messengers among subscribers makes mobile operators to take countermeasures. So, the holding company Vimpelcom Ltd. announced that in 2017 will start in all countries of presence, including in Russia, where his “daughter” of “VympelCom”, the service VEON. This application is for communication, in which, as in the popular messengers, you can call, send messages and video. The main difference is that the traffic VEON is not charged in the batch subscriber’s rate, while the use of other messengers gets paid after consumed under rate limit.

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