“VKontakte” has decided to engage in the production of exclusive video content

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

“VKontakte” wants to start producing their own video content, learned to “Vedomosti”. As explained by the source publication, the social network is interested in a mini series of short shows and sketchkomy

Top managers of “Vkontakte” are in talks with the production and television companies to cooperate in the creation of video content, which will be shown only in the social network. About this “Vedomosti” referring to several participants of such meetings. This information was also confirmed by a representative of the social network Yevgeny Krasnikov, from other comments he refused.

According to interlocutors of the edition, we are talking about unique projects that at the initial stage of “Vkontakte” is ready to invest tens of millions of rubles. The social network is interested in a mini series of short shows and sketchkomy, to shoot your own movies and a long series of “Vkontakte” no plans. As explained by one of the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”, “Vkontakte” wants to show users what they can’t see on other sites.

According to sources the newspaper, the company is negotiating with “STS media”, UTV, TNT, “Bazelevs” and others. In addition, the initiative has been discussed with the administrators of popular public social networks. According to the newspaper’s sources, the negotiations are still at an early stage.

Top Manager of “Vkontakte” in an interview with the publication said that rent expensive TV shows to show exclusively on the Internet profitable. The cost of one series can reach $100 thousand — $150 thousand With an expensive content while profitable to go on TV, and then “by a residual principle to show on the Internet,” he concluded.

As the newspaper notes, Western technology companies have long mastered the niche of traditional media, many of them, for example, online cinema Netflix, even become trendsetters in this area. Social network Facebook is also discussing with media companies creating videos, TV shows, sports and entertainment. Russian Internet companies are systematically not interested in creating your own content due to problems with its monetization and piracy, and the lack of users in the habit of paying for music and movies, according to the staff of media companies.


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