“Yandex” has launched a service for selling tickets on the buses

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“Yandex” has launched a new service that will allow you to buy tickets for coaches online. Now on sale via Internet only 2-3% of tickets, but within five years this figure could rise to 50%

As told RBC representative of “Yandex”, 31 January the company will launch a service for finding and selling tickets for intercity and suburban buses — “Yandex.Buses”.

Beta testing of the service and connecting partners began at the end of 2016. The project is now collaborating with a system integrator E-Traffic, the exclusive distributor of tickets for flights of Mostransavto in Moscow “Odnochase” and aggregator of “RU-Net”. In sum, these three companies allow you to sell tickets for more than 10 thousand destinations, including Moscow — Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad — Minsk.

The representative of “Yandex” told me that they expect to connect to the service and other participants in the market of intercity and commuter traffic, including the company, which aggregates various ticketing system, integrators, working with the bus stations (use the information system, which allows you to sell tickets online), and directly to carriers.

Still “Yandex” allow to find the route through the service “Yandex.Schedules” (other than covers buses and other modes of transport: airplanes, trains, trains, ships), but for the purchase of the ticket, the user needed to go to the ticketing service of one of the partners. Now the order will be made directly to the service “Yandex”.

According to the representative of “Yandex”, they will not take Commission from user and the carrier, that is, bus tickets will be sold at a price set by the partners: it often happens that this is the price set by the station.

To earn

The representative of “Yandex” admitted that while they don’t know how to monetize the new service. At this stage, the main goal of the company is to increase the number of flights, online tickets, to attract new partners and users. “By connecting to “Yandex.Buses” carriers will be able to increase ticket sales and reduce receivables, as proceeds from sales will be transferred daily,” — says the representative of “Yandex”.

Each month the Russians asked in search of “Yandex” more than 5 million requests of tickets and the bus schedule, the bus stations. Another 1.4 million times per month looking for bus routes to “Yandex.The schedule”.

In the Internet sold only 2-3% of all tickets on the buses in Moscow and Moscow region — about 4%, assessed the representative of a search engine. Within five years, this proportion may reach 50%, he predicted. The company evaluated the market of bus tickets in Russia about $2.5 billion a year.

In October 2016 Busfor, the biggest in Russia online service of bus tickets, has raised $20 million, wrote RBC. The company estimates the market is about 200 billion rubles, while the share of e-sales accounted for only 3%. Busfor predicted that in 2019 it can grow up to 20%. According to the service “tutu.ru”, the volume of interregional and international bus transport is around 600 million passengers a year.

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