“Yandex.News” responded to accusations of censorship because of the protests

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC

“Yandex.News” has rejected accusations of censorship and explained why top 5 things to not display stories that took place in Russia on the eve, March 26, protests

Russian IT company “Yandex” stated that the news about held in Russia on the eve, March 26, protests have periodically appeared on the main page search service, and their temporary absence in the top 5 of the main stories is explained by the presence of other topics. It follows from the message published in the official company blog.

“Many thought that “Yandex” was consciously removed news stories about the protests from a top “Yandex.News” and accused us of censorship, especially not understanding what is happening. It’s not that no manual intervention can not be, the work of “Yandex.News” remains fully subject to algorithms”, — the message says.

The company’s management said that news related to anti-corruption rallies, was on the main page “Yandex”, “they periodically disappeared and reappeared again.” Their temporary loss was explained by the fact that the story about the protest “could influence other topics”.

“Their weight was more than the weight of the stories about the protests. Moreover, in some cases, the weight could be inflated in “Yandex.News” there are unscrupulous optimization, similar to search, and we deal with it. Of course, the news about the rally did not disappear — they remain in “Yandex.News” correctly and were searching,” explained the press service.

That during anti-corruption rallies from top news aggregator “Yandex.News” quickly disappeared information about protests, wrote on 26 March, “Vedomosti”. In the commentary edition of “Yandex” noted that the top 5 biggest news is constantly changing. “Stories on the topic in the top, but then they were replaced by other subjects” — told to “Vedomosti”.

Previously Roskomnadzor address referred to some media, which provided information support to the organizers not agreed with the authorities of the protest, which took place on 26 March in Central Moscow. As told to “Interfax” the press-Secretary of Department Vadim Ampelonskiy, the controller asked the journalists to adhere to objectivity and to inform your audience about the official position of the authorities.

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