Zuckerberg later, 12 years after leaving Harvard he received the degree

Mark Zuckerberg (left)

Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

The founder of Facebook, 33-year-old billionaire mark Zuckerberg is 12 years later, after dropping out of Harvard University, got a degree. “I always said I’d come back and get my degree”, — he wrote

Mark Zuckerberg went back to Harvard, made a speech to the graduates and received an honorary degree, doctor of law (Doctor of Laws). This was reported on the website of the University.

In his Instagram, Zuckerberg posted a photo where he is surrounded by parents holding a notice of awarding him an honorary degree. “Mom, I always said I’d come back and get my degree,” wrote the Creator of the social network Facebook, the capitalization of which exceeds $400 billion.


Zuckerberg left University, where he since 2002 has studied psychology and computer science in the fall of 2005 to focus on the creation of Facebook. The social network launched in 2004 and a year later began to rapidly gain popularity. While Zuckerberg visited the audience, which worked to create the social network that first launched on the website thefacebook.com. “This is literally the place where I was sitting. Here I had a small laptop on which I programmed Facebook. I have gone two weeks,” said the founder of the largest social network, Reuters reports.

“It will be nice to finally have a University degree in your resume” — ironically Zuckerberg.

The founder of Facebook is not the first of the billionaires of Silicon valley who have left school to focus on his inventions. Co-founder of Apple Steve jobs in 1976, dropped out of reed College in Oregon, to dedicate myself to work companies along with Steve Wozniak. Bill gates left Harvard two years after the start of training to start with Paul Allen of Microsoft.

Previously, Zuckerberg has published on his page in Facebook video in which he asks gates how to make a speech, which he read at the ceremony.


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